About Read Cross

Any language can be potentially written using any kinds of letter shapes and symbols as long as there is agreement between the writer and the reader. By using letters that give an exact representation of sound and that are easy to learn, learning to speak, listen to, read and write that language can be made much quicker and to a higher quality. By using simple computer programming it is easy to convert between one style of writing and another. For SSPS we use intuitive letters to show an exact representation of English pronunciation, which ever dialect that might be. By use of the computer program provided the user can switch between traditional written English and SSPS representation. This concept can be extended to any language and can encompass any letter shapes the writer wishes. Regular linguistics uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A) to show pronunciation and while this works, the letter shapes it employs have a bias towards European languages. SSPS letters are biased towards English language, not a compromise between English, French, German, Greek etc. as is the case with the I.P.A. SSPS relates easily to standard English spelling in a way I.P.A. does not, so having learned one, regular English spelling or SSPS, it is straight forward to transfer to the other.